No Water?

No Water

If you’ve got no water or low pressure, follow these few steps to work out what the problem is and how to fix it.

Search incidents in your area 

If you can't see an incident in your area, make the following checks:

Try your cold kitchen tap

The main water supply normally enters your home in the cold kitchen or utility room tap.

If water comes out of this tap but not elsewhere (such as your shower or bathroom tap), the problem is with your internal plumbing.

Check your stop taps are open

Your inside stop tap needs to be fully open, please check that it is.

Alternatively, sometimes when work is carried out, air or sediment can get trapped behind your internal stop tap. There is a simple procedure which can help to clear this, which you can carry out yourself if the stop tap is accessible. If you’re not sure where it is, it’s likely to be at the point where the water enters your property; under your kitchen sink, in your bathroom or possibly your cellar.

ACTION - Turn on your main feed cold water tap. Next, turn your internal stop tap off and on several times, finishing by leaving it in the full-on position. You may find the water splutters a bit but usually this brings back the water or increases the pressure.

Your outside stop tap also needs to be fully open. Some properties share their water supply with their neighbours so check with your neighbours to see if they or workmen have recently used the outside stop valve.

Check for frozen pipes

The cold weather can freeze your pipes, making them more likely to expand and burst. Check visible pipes for damage.

Check with your neighbours

If possible, check if your immediate neighbours have the same problem. If there is no issue with their supply, the problem could be with your internal plumbing.

Let us know

If you've completed the above steps without success, please report the issue through your normal channels of communication.